Who I Am

I solemnly believe that I am up to no good.

I am a content creator who enjoys the idea of putting words into places that I could never thought I would. Before anyone calls me a hypocrite, I would state that I am not an avid reader of books but I do enjoy reading. And by reading, I mean ones liners and puns!

Just joking, I do like to read other people’s blogs and get inspired to either work with them or against them (just kidding, again). I tend to write about the stuff that matters in our daily lives like fashion, food, lifestyle and things or places that may have remained uncovered for a long time. I am sure my blog will send you to a good place and I hope I can expect the same from you.

Don’t be shy, grab my hand. We are going on an adventure.

0 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. Misswilder22 is a good name but would be more if the “22” is removed.
    If you’re into serious blogging, removing the 22 from the name is suggested.

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