7 E-Spots Where You Can Maintain Your Fashion Aesthetic!

Brace yourselves ladies and gentlemen, because some of the leading fashion E-commerce chains from China have been banned. Here’s the list of all the banned apps (including non-fashion websites/apps):

The E-Commerce Fashion Websites that are banned have major names like Shein, Romwe and Club Factory. And since you’re all worried about where you’re going to make fashion choices like the same at the prices like their websites, I’m presenting to you a list of websites that you can make similar fashion choices, without being tagged as the “Deshdrohi Fashionista”.


Don’t sweat it. This app has your aesthetics covered. From trendy tops to snatched AF accessories, this app has it all. Plus it has a student discount and if you subscribe to their newsletter, you may also get 15% off. Not a bad deal, eh?

Here’s the web link:


P.S. They also have their App on IOS and Android.

Fashion Nova

Yes, most of the Mega Beauty Moguls have already promoted them on their feeds and you can see some good stuff out their for y’all curvy bodied women. And let’s face it, we all look for something aesthetic to put on for the gram. If you can spend a little bit more out of your pockets, this place is the perfect spot for you.

They already have their app on iOS and Android but you can also find them on your big screens here: https://www.fashionnova.com/

Forever 21

Face it, when you didn’t have Shein, you went to Forever 21 for all your fashion needs. Heck, I used to buy bags from them girlllllll. So go back to this place again, because they have something good for everybody. Best part, their sale is always on!

So, they don’t have apps, but they do have outlets and they have a website. Here you go: /https://www.forever21.in/


Sustainable fashion and a trustworthy name, this app almost has it all. Check out their stuff to understand why this brand is a part of my list. It isn’t very heavy on the eyes and looks just right enough for you to roll out on some good aesthetics that will make you look smart and sexy at the same time. You can find them on Myntra or their own Website: https://www2.hm.com/en_in/index.html

P.S. if you sign up for their Newsletter, you get 25% off!


This is an app where you can moderately manage your aesthetics, not as great as the latter ones but they do promise good stuff from their sale bit. Ofcourse you can filter choices, but it may be a bigger range.

You can find the app on Android and IOS.

Lulu and Sky

Okay before I die of abuses being hurled at me, this website is quite legit. People have been buying from them and influencers/bloggers do endorse them. You can find stuff that will work for some aesthetics and some you have work well for. We are talking minimal fashion.

Find them on this website: https://www.luluandsky.com/ or you can also find them on iOS and Android.

Ewa Young

I’m keeping this website on the lower end only because it has good fashion, but has a high price range. You have to shell out the wallets if you want to go here. It’s no Shein but hey, at least you will look stylish.

Here’s the site https://www.ewayoung.com

Burger Bae

This makes it to the last of my list only because this website doesn’t have much options and not very pocket friendly, but you will find clothes that will match your aesthetics. It’s endorsed by many influencers online and you wouldn’t be surprised to know how much they’ve sold to women back in 2019.

Find them here: https://burgerbaeclothing.com/ and get ready to shell some cash out.

Now that you know where to find clothes like you used to before, don’t forget to not thank me and thank heaven that not everyone else knows about this girls. HUSHHHH! Let it be our little fashionable secret. Happy Shopping y’all!

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