Locker Room Talks Not Hushed Anymore


Internalized misogyny and Instagram have come together this time to be a shocker of a criminal incident.

The Incident

An Instagram group has flashed in front of many Netizens which included extreme rape content. Screenshots of extreme vile statements by teenage boys aged 17-18 have been exposed by a girl on Instagram when she came to know that she was a probable victim of those men. The group was made by Delhi boys who named it “boys locker room”, where they objectified and morphed pictures of young girls (read underage) and also talked about “gang-raping” girls. Social Media has been completely against it and asking the authorities to book the guilty.

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My Intel

Obviously like every other sane person I am against it too. But let’s look deeper into this, okay? Since the time I was a young girl, I was always told to keep my head low, wear longer skirts in front of the men of our family and have been told to not talk back to my elders. Fortunately, I didn’t listen and grew up to be someone who talked back, defiantly. Nevertheless, I still had my incidents of sexual harassment which I didn’t exactly understand was harassment as a kid. But when I grew up, oh well, did I fight back. I chased that guy who grabbed my breast by his bare hands while I was just minding my own business and walking back home. AT 8.30 P.M. !!! But sadly, even after getting a hold of that guy the people in my area let him go. I told people about how I felt that night and out of many pity parties I did get the question “But what were you wearing?”

Jumping from that incident, I do want to talk about how the internalised misogyny works in our country or maybe in other countries too. I have been seeing comments about how women themselves have said “But did those girls get raped? No right? So why should the boys be punished?” or “What were those girls doing on social media, dressed all provocative like that?”

But what scares me more right now is how any of this is gonna change? Those boys were the future of our country and even if we understand the boys were filled with testosterone, does that justify the shit they pulled? I wonder in what households they grew up to be turn out like that? Just when I think that the generation after mine is growing to turn out to be more progressive than mine, I see things like this and get extremely disappointed.

One More Thing

I’d like to urge the parents reading this to know that just because you teach your daughters to dress up well and be sweet to their elders and people around them, it doesn’t mean you also teach them to face abuse and keep quiet about it. To the uncles reading this, please stop saying “BOYS WILL BE BOYS” because they take it as an excuse to just shit all over women. To those little girls out there, it’s not okay if he touches you like that and you get hurt, tell it to your parents, if they don’t help, try talking to some elderly who will call Child Protection Services of your country. To the women, let’s just say “BOYS WILL NOT BE BOYS ANYMORE”

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  1. This is not shocking but just a sad reminder of the reality we live in, I really really have very low hopes for humanity in general at where its headed, and this just affirms my thoughts.
    Almost somehow reminds me of Gotham City, if you get the connection.

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