Create A Difference In The Way You Put On The Saree!

Sarees are wonderful. They fit with every occasion, hug every body type and make you look elegant irrespective of gender. You can wear the “Nine Yard Wonder” and look good at any occasion.

Now the thing is, sarees can get pretty basic too! And they do give me a tough time when I have to drape it around me. I used to think that sarees are not my cup of tea. Hence you never came across much pictures of me in a saree as:

  • I can’t carry it very well
  • I don’t like to be basic

So I collaborated with Unnati Silks and they sent me this wonderful Pure Shibori with Handblock Print Saree. I am a musician by passion and since I am from the Northeast, I have grown up listening to legendary rock bands like Guns and Roses, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd. Axl Rose is an inspiration to me. Watching his performances on live videos always inspired me to work on my singing and style.

As soon as I received the package, my photographer and I had decided that we were not going to do a basic saree shoot and will try to go a little over board with how we can style a saree.

I think being a Classic Rock Chic has inspired me to bring out my style sense a little more and hence I paired the lovely Cotton Saree with a Guns and Roses boyfriend T-shirt. I like wearing baggy clothing but I also like wearing clothes which bring out my curves. So I paired up both.

The Rock Chic has her own will. She doesn’t get back down and doesn’t take no for an answer when it comes to the path of her success. Whenever she falls down, she crawls her way back up to get what she wants. She is what the new kids on the block say, “BOSS”. Boss of her own decisions, her own life and what she says gets engraved on stone.

What I like about the Saree is that, it is very light and is really not a big hassle to put on. The block print detail is very eye-catching and you cannot go wrong with however you wear it. I paired it up with Silver Oxidized Earrings and a Septum ring with Nude eye makeup and bold Pink Lips.

She listens and she gives you your answers. She makes sure you listen to her answer good. Miss out on the proper details to her answer and she will not consider you not important enough to be a part of her life or her story. If you remember well, then you can be on board of her wild journey. She will take you to the places that you have never been and show you the things that you didn’t know you could ever see.

The design I’m wearing is handwoven and handcrafted by ethnic artisans from all over India. Block Printing originated in China, during the 7th Century AD and has been a popular trend world wide for quite some time now. It basically includes the usage of a carved piece of wood to imprint and image on a piece of Fabric. But earlier it was used to print only on books till the time J. Gutenberg introduced the world to the printing press and changed the world of media. But that is another story.

Coming back to my style sense, the shoot was done on a cold winter afternoon, so in case you don’t want to “chill out” I paired it with a long cardigan. This is obviously a timeless look and will also make you look very elegant on a cold winter day/evening/night.

One glare and you will get turned to stone. Stone doesn’t speak nor does it move. We don’t know if it hears anything. The muffled conversations that we have? Maybe speaking to a stone won’t make her disappointed at all, at least it won’t talk smack to her or talk behind her back. She can be achieving more, being more and you can stand there being a stone statue that cannot utter a word on the “unconventional” ways she used to get on top.

Walking on the streets of Kolkata, one can see that the souls connect well. We all are so different, yet so alike. The Saree felt like a power suit. I felt fearless walking down the crowd. I created something new, something which will not let me down. Something which will help me keep in touch with my feminine side and the alter ego.

I’m not ashamed of being different, neither should you. Go out then, be a freak but be original!

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