Why We Shouldn’t Have Met…

Kolkata, a city based on Love, Food, Art and Gelusil. A city which inhales smoke but blows out dense words of wisdom. I stepped into it on the month of July, still unaware of your existence.

I was with another, thought that they showed me what to do, the proper way, until you came along. I should’ve never met you. It’s because I wouldn’t have to know that the world is that ugly. Uglier without the filters of Instagram, ugly without the presence of the strong smell of fish in the air. The cigarettes would have wilted too if you never made me drown into those deep, honey brown eyes of yours.

So I stalked you, went after you, chose you over anyone else. Even if you didn’t ask for it. My dying sense of matureness was regaining the senses which you smacked into me. I’m not very creative but you are a piece of luxury. Even when you scream the loudest and show me the level of fury that even hell has failed to let me see. You are never going to be the poetry, because you could only create it. The composer of my brooding mind, over the blooming roses of the dying boulevard of a broken future.



Are you Satan in disguise? You made me fall in love with you by all the sinister ways that I can think of. I would never let a drop of you go to waste if I ever get you all for myself. You’re like flowing water, you go places but you can never be caged by someone. You’re like slutty time, you can not be a property to own. From making the move on Christmas to walking around the city for a Pujo joyride, you made me feel so much love and made me the person who I am today. Lazy, miserable, ambitious and crazily in love.


I love getting you angry, it excites me to see the blood gushing through your veins which make you flashy red. Your eyes become more intense, I can’t get my eyes off them. Bloodshoot, you strike fear in my soul but you also make me more curious. I want to be more close to you, you remind me of meadows under a thunderstorm. I enjoy taking photos of you, through my eyes or through my DSLR, even if my photography skills have gone down the drain. We kicked off pretty well, but you did something to me. Something about you, which makes me not let go of this. I like how powerless you make me feel, I like how that powerlessness also gets me charged. IMG_1785

You know why we shouldn’t have met? Because you have shown me and made me part of something that I can’t let go of. You brought me so far that we.. well somethings are better left to your imagination. I also happen to like when you’re confused and you get frustrated over tiny situations. Your threats of leaving me make me want you even some more. Maybe, I would’ve never learned love, without being with you, a sky lantern, who fills my heart with joy. You should stick to me you know, I think I can help you with your survival tactics. Darling on a white horse, if you can survive the pathological being that I am, you shall also conquer the biggest clients in your industry. Here’s to almost dating for a year now. Here’s to our love, which is the perfect, asymmetrical, bouquet of thorned roses. <3

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