I Cut My Hair And I Don’t Like It!

I had long hair, reached till my buttocks. I had started to grow it out from the 2nd year of my graduation. It was my “crowning” glory. Now here’s the story of what had occurred that unfortunate night.

I was coming back home from a coffee date with Ani, he booked me a cab till my place and I got going. Halfway, when I reached the area I lived in, I saw the parlor that I usually get my beauty treatment done. My friends and my photographer have been saying that my split ends look more visible on my hair now and I should get a trim. And I did.

Me smiling like a moron thinking IMMA LOOK SO COOL after the cut

Only to be surprised by the new length (read briefness) of my hair. She chopped off my hair by 4 inches. That is a lot.


I went back home and stared at the mirror for 10 long minutes. At least those minutes were longer than my hair. GODDAMNIT! I really don’t understand what is it with parlors and haircuts, they seem to get it wrong all the time. I literally got depressed over my new hair for few hours and I’m still growing into it.

My mirror staring back at me.

Obviously I wanted to have healthy hair, but this new thing is just a little weird for me. This Pujo, I’m gonna have shorter hair and a smaller ego too, now that the best part f my body is gone.

Exact representation of my face when the deed was done.

Now everyone has been trying to console me about how good the quality of my hair is and how it will grow back in two months. And I know I’m not supposed to be anxious or thinking negative thoughts but trust me, this is all that’s floating around my head.

Sed is laif, laif is sed. And I end my rant here by saying that, if you have long hair like I used to have then please take someone along to an Indian Parlor for supervision. You cannot trust anyone. :’)

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