I Genuinely Think Friendship Day Is A Myth And Here’s Why!

Friendship Day, a day for all the people to bestow love upon their close ones. A day for the 14 year old boy in school, who has a crush on the new girl from 9 B. And a day for everyone to initiate new friendships or fix the broken ones.

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The first Sunday of August, where kids go to the market with their parents to buy those precious Friendship Bands, or make them at home. Adults reunite with their old friends and chug down beer like vikings or maybe do shots, IDK.

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Anyway, Friendship Day looks amazing on Social Media. How many of us actually take time to meet our friends on a normal day? As I sip onto my rum and coke mix, I realize that the day is a complete myth. Friendship Day does not exist!

As an intellectual, I have had many friends in the past. I used to go out with them, make promises, tell secrets, ask questions and give answers too. Now I realize that these people in my life are merely acquaintances. As quoted by moi *coughs* “Life is like a river, you will see many people in your life, but none of them are stagnant. You will meet a new individual in every stage.” Okay bad quote, but you do get what I’m trying to say here, right?

In the era of a technology uprise, we are busy tapping away on our phone screens. Heck, I even had an incident when an “acquaintance texted me to get water for her, when I was sitting right next to her. I invited her to my abode to spend some quality time and have a sleepover. I genuinely do not understand what is the constant need to be on social media and only lift your head up for a selfie or some major emergency!

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We are getting sucked into the vortex of technology. Admit it! None of us can go a day without making a Snap Streak, or uploading our whereabouts on our Instagram Story or just telling the world that we are shitting in the commode on Facebook!

How often do we actually have the quality time that we actually display on our social media platform? Granted the social media is great for promoting your daily blogs, art, thoughts or whatever genuine thing that you want to promote! But can we hold our horses here? We are even busy promoting the way we live all over that place! And now nothing’s a secret!

Not straying away from the topic, but I genuinely feel that Friendship Day is losing it’s charm. No more are we enthusiastic about meeting our friends for a hoot! No more can we relate to life’s daily events.

And here I rest my rant. Peace!

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