Myntra, Myntra On My Blog, I Bought The Fairest Sundress Of Them All!


Myntra has great deals EVERY DAMN DAY! At least for me it does, because I have been a loyal customer since the past 7 years! Yes, you read that right. Scrolling through one of their sales, I had found my perfect birthday gift.

Sassafras Fit And Flare Dress
Photo Courtesy: Santanu Das


This Sassafras Fit and Flare dress has it all. From it’s beautiful cold shoulder design to it’s super sexy but cute square neck, flared hem, and an attached inner lining, this dress is the perfect one for an evening date, afternoon lunch or just a day out with the man (or woman) of your dreams. I’ve even tried riding a bicycle with it. Felt super comfortable.

So this photograph is from the day when my friends Santanu and Sandipan wanted to do a concept photo shoot with a musical instrument. Yep this is why I’m holding a cute, little, hollow acoustic guitar.

While I was feeling super awkward posing at the open football field of Maidan, these two made sure that they get the best out of the weather *pun not intended* . I never thought that such a simple, flared sundress could give me the photos that are super Instagram Friendly.

Fit Me And Make Me Feel Flawless

This dress fit me like a glove. With Myntra’s latest regime , they take all your body measurements online, so that your dresses fit you the best. You will find it in the app, where they take estimation of your body type like your height, weight, bust, waist as well as foot length, so that you don’t have to be disappointed by your clothes when you receive them. This is obviously of the best schemes by any online brand as we can now be sure that our clothes will fit us well and we don’t have to rush to the tailors.

But In The End..

Make your loved one drop his jaw and your haters green with envy. This dress is the ultimate outfit for summer and spring. I really love how light the dress is and easy it is to pair it with any accessory. You can find it here.

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