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A Getaway For You and Bae, you and The Gang or just You and Your Beer. Hop on to Your Bike or enjoy being The Pillion to this Majestic Journey.


To what it actually is  

Dudhia is a Small Hamlet on Mirik-Siliguri Highway on The Bank of River Balason. Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council’s Gokul Wayside Inn used to be the Favourite Tourist Joint at Dudhia, however it is closed at the time of writing this article. There are a several small tea shops where you can get other essentials.

A Tranquil Tourist Spot, above Gokul, the place is a Haven for people who want Aesthetic Photos of themselves or Nature to post on their Instagram, like this:

Beer by the river
Enjoyed this with the magic of the strong wind and my feet soaked into the water

Dudhia is abuzz with activity during the winter months as it is one of the most popular picnic spot for the locals including people from Siliguri. During the rest of the year, you will love to spend a couple of hours on the banks of the river to enjoy natures splendor. There is no other activity available here but to enjoy the surrounding and the river.

I took a trip to this place with my friend Sammy, an avid lover of bikes, food, alcohol and traveling. Maybe I can start a travel and living channel if we actually start living together.

The landscape on the Balason river bed is completely mesmerizing and breathtaking. There are a number of manmade and natural beauties in this place. Mother Nature has blessed the place in abundance which makes it all the more enchanting. The feel of rural India still exists in the place. There are a number of tourist spots in Dudhia which are famous amongst the tourists.

The river
The river of Champions and maybe even the Fountain of Youth.

We gorged on Momos (Vegetarian and Non- Vegetarian) in the zone and chugged on refreshing beer.

Feet soaked, Sun kissed and Relaxed.

The place was set ablaze with a crowd of picnic goers of all age groups. Teenagers were dancing and sheepishly chugging onto beer, Families were cooking meals (which smelled delicious btw!) and uncles (and aunties) from those families were also enjoying party drinks! Riders were clicking “aesthetic selfies” and well children were just busy goofing around, like always.

So in the end.. 

Who doesn’t like to spend some time in tranquility and peace? Surround yourself with the goodness of Greenery, Rolling Slopes and River – Water.  The place is 31 kms away from New Jalpaiguri Rail Station, and can be accessed via any vehicle. But I would personally suggest you all to take “The Bike Tour”. 

The Bike Tour will feel like a movie. It will feel like you’re escaping from all the mistakes and crime in your life. And the trip will bring a change in your thoughts.



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