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It was a lazy Sunday morning and I struggled to get out of bed, like always. I hurriedly scurried through my closet to find the perfect outfit for the brunch date that I had promised to my dear friends. As I was surfing (literally) through the  ocean of clothes I came across this lovely Roadster Denim Shirt that I stole from my Boyfriend’s closet. That was it. My inspiration for the outfit of the day! I quickly paired it with this amazing Aztec Maxi dress that I had bought from the Street Markets of Birati, Kolkata. (Inspiration and stylish clothes can come from any place). I loved the way these looked together. I did bold lips and let my hair go with the flow. Any pair of amazing sandals would go with this outfit. I have a thing for bold accesories too. So, I paired the entire outfit with proper bold earrings, a silver oxidised ring and a brown faux leather sling bag. I never expected to pull it off this good. I ended up getting great compliments

Photo by Avik Mondal and Rudra Banerjee
Vandana Paul 5-01
Aztec Dress, Gladiator Sandals, A Sling Bag and an L Size Boyfriend Denim Shirt

for the entire get up. So Ladies, dress up. Maxi dresses never go out of style, slay with a bit of elegance but do not let that boyish charm go off the closet. Be extra. Fashion is all about expressing yourself and it is great to be different. And as I said, Fashion and Inspiration can come from anywhere. You create it, people will follow. Be a trendsetter.

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  1. Good going bandana as a blogger u are beginner but you are good u have the sight to be a trendsetter..
    I guess u are not into modelling but still your fashion senses are great..
    Wish u luck ahead and u shine bigger in life..

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